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Video and image from my 2002-2003 Installation project at Project Row House, Third Ward- Houston, TX; as well as image of Installation works I term A.O.T.E ELEGANTES"

Treasures in Jars of Glass: Modern-day Essenes

featured at P.R.H. [ROUND-17; 2002-03]- Third Ward Houston, TX.



This installation is a modern day representation of one of the caves at Qumran, near the Dead Sea, where the Dea Sea Scroll were found.  I strongly believe that taking the essence of one of these ancient caves and presenting it with modern-day sensibilities and ideology provides a significant connection between the spiritual condition both then and now
















Creative Spirit, Dune Patten, on the front porch of his Installation Houst; circa 2grand2-2grand3; Project Row Houses; Houston, TX-Third Ward

Exterior view of shot-gun house where Installation is constructed


To view, click on the word VIDEO below:

Video temporarily down. Sorry for the inconvenience








 Below, an image of A.M.O.R.T.E. Installation